Progress photos

A model poses to help me with the proportions and movement of the legs.

Fitting the charge and positioning the hands

Fitting the charge and positioning the hands

The charge pack here well on the way to being modelled in two-part filler.  The summer heat dries out small volumes of clay and so, wherever possible I try to use non-water-based materials.
The shackle is fitted to the base of the mine.
Now the movements and proportions are in place, and the contact points set, it is time to begin refining the anatomy.

It's that work experience time of year 15 year old Tish is spending a week in the studio.  Her first task is to reduce one of the gas bottles to half-life size.  

Tish recording the dimensions of the mask so that I can raise it up and retain the proportions

At last, I feel that I have got the composition flowing and the contact points ready to present to the structural engineer, Darren Paine, for comment and revision.  The right-hand diver looks as if he has t…

Making Diver #2

I am starting with what has become known as Diver #2 ie the right hand figure as you look from wide road side of Pool B.